"Good SEO is like a well-fitted suit - when done right, you barely notice it's there."

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Vaibhav Rajawat
SEO Specialist | Website Developer | Academic Writer
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  • Wordpress & Shopify Website Developement
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Free WordPress Website Development Package


  • Your business and website objectives
  • Key features you’re looking for
  • Your target audience
  • Content strategy and mapping
  • Recommendations on platform, design, etc.
  • Budget and timeframe


  • Business and Website Objectives Session: A one-time free consultation to understand your business goals and how a website can support them.
  • Key Features Overview: Basic assessment to identify the key features your website will need to effectively support your business objectives.
  • Target Audience Identification: Guidance on defining and understanding your target audience to ensure the website caters to their needs and interests.
  • Content Strategy Outline: An introductory plan for content development, including basic content mapping and suggestions for effective content types.
  • Platform and Design Recommendations: Basic recommendations on suitable platforms and design elements that could match your business’s needs, considering current market trends.
  • Budget and Timeframe Suggestions: General advice on realistic budgeting and timeframe planning for website development, based on industry standards.

This $0 package offers foundational insights and basic strategies for businesses embarking on web development. It’s an excellent starting point to understand the essential components of a successful website, tailored to your specific business needs, within the confines of a non-existent budget. It aims to provide valuable initial guidance to help you plan and prepare for a more comprehensive and funded web development project in the future.


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